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May 01

The New Yahoo Mail App: Your Mail, News and Info at a Glance! -


By Andrew Molyneux, Senior Product Manager, Yahoo Mail

We rely on our mobile devices for many things throughout the day — to check email, search, read news, catch up on sports, follow stocks, look up the forecast, and watch videos among others. Today we’re introducing a new Yahoo Mail app for…

Nov 17

#FirstLeap: 5 Interactive Websites for Leap Motion -


While Airspace has more than 75 apps and continues to grow, there’s even more that you can do with your Leap Motion Controller. Developers around the world have been working with our JavaScript API to experiment with interesting new web experiences.

From particle systems to creative tools, here…

(Source: leapmotion)

Aug 13

Printing out the Internet: Proposal -


~~ In memory of Aaron Swartz ~~


LABOR, UbuWeb and Kenneth Goldsmith invite you to participate in the first-ever attempt to print out the entire internet.

The idea is simple: print out as much as of the web as you want — be it one sheet or a truckload — send it to Mexico…

Mar 08


Merci @ChristopheV


Merci @ChristopheV

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Nov 26

Blog | The Noun Project: A Fascination with the Ordinary -


Our Story

We’ve had a lot of questions from our supporters about how we got started and where the ideas for The Noun Project originated.

A fascination with the ordinary……

To introduce myself, my name is Edward and I think a good starting point for this story is my sketchbook. Back when I was…

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design insane in the brain

design insane in the brain

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